It is a sad commentary on things when an "alt Lifestyle" site has to keep a banned list. However, at SandraLyn we boast about having high standards. What would we be if we did not show those standards? Just another creep show, garbage heap or freak hole

We are pretty tolerant of things not strictly up to SandraLyn standards. Too mayABDL sites tolerate and even have subforums for scat (euphamized as "poop"), furry and other scummy or mondo bizarro things: You can, and we recommend that you, avoid them or othe suspect areas. However, there is a point at which we must say "No". That point is when a site demonstrates

This is one reason we keep an eye on everything done here

We are not moral prigs and do not blacklist without cause and we explain and provide evidence of that cause. In fact we usually do not use the moral argument except that the immoral behavior follows from a deliberate breach of higher, usually intellectual, standards: that is where we put our focus

If you think we like doing this; you are crazy