CENSORSHIP: You Be the Judge

Why Diaper Times is banned form here

Diaper Times is one of the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover social networks. Social Networks are websites that provide space for members to register, put up profiles, blogs and image galleries, thus establishing a presence as ABDL on the Web.

DIAPER TIMES IS OFFICIALLY BANNED HERE AND IS NOT TO BE LISTED ON LittleGirlLand PROFILES OR ANTHING PERTAINING TO RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. HERE IS WHY: Christine Daryleanne Paradise joined Diaper Times and listed this site as here favorite. Twice the link disappeared and was repplaced (thinking that the disappearance was an accident), upon the third removal this was put on her profile page. These are actual images.

Which drew this response

Which led to

Was the charge of censorship true? You be the judge.

We have here a claim of the practice of censorship and a denial. This is what I got at Web Definitions when I googled up "censorship definition"

Censorship is the suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the government or media organizations as determined by a censor.
First: By banning this site and actively removing the link without notifying Christine Daryleanne until the third time (adding insult to injury), Diaper Times was deleting "communicative material...[pick your 'why']". Also they are subject to the same treatment here by the principle of reciprocity ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you") and are getting it.

Second: RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is put togehter in the same way, by the same logic and only with different content as my other non-ABLG sites. Of one of my other sites a friend who had been in the computer field, either as hobby or business for 30+ years said "Pretty good for a hand-coded site". In terms of being "put together" the other sites are no different. They both conform to the same standards I created for experiential sites; that is, places rather than publication.

Third: This is the first such complaint and one of only about three in total. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME goes back over a decade. I first created it at FriendPages/MSN-Talk City, where from the visitors, it recieved the highest ratings in both Quality and Traffic and only moved in its entirety to Talk City when FriendPages got uptight about having adult content. In its first year, RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME was the reference rubber diaper nursery for Wetville at Bytemine becuase of its use and expertise with rubber diapers and chastizement. as well as its Fairy connection: At least once "Aunt Julia" mentioned "checking at the nursery" about putting rubber under one of her girls' diapers. It remaned at Talk City until they went out of the webhosting business in c 2005, While there it was in the upper 40% ratings in Personal pages at DPF. It served as the focal point of, ultimately, a Yahoo Group with over 900 members. After the end of TC I was offered space on a domain owned by one "Frost Elf", a then 23 year old girl who said "...the content is unstoppable." but declined as I wished to retain control of this site. It was hurriedly moved to GeoCities and was in the process of being properly edited when Yahoo decided to remove the adult content, especially ABLG from its adult content section (Yes, I know; "go figure"). However the site remained open after the creation account had been deleted until GeoCities free ceased to exist in 2009. In May of 2010, it moved to its present location. In about 2004 I had one of those moments thatt was both terribly embarrassing and terribly proud: I had to explain that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME was not a "real" physical place. UPDATE: I found on March 7, 2013 that material form the first incarnation of the site had been COPIED by a leading German Sissy site

Does this sound to you like the history of a "poorly put together site" that is "questionable and in bad taste"?

As far as being "questioable and in bad taste", how did it score so well in two separate rating systems? What do you think that most persons think of ABDL sites with 20-somethings whose posts look like they were written by retarded hamsters, Sissies, Babyfurs and especially the Poopers? and as far as not being associated with such sites. Nice to hear from the Van Snoots: Snobbery in Alternative Lifestyle Land?!!? ROTFLMAO!!!!!! The last thing in the world we need are holier-than-thou get-a-lifers who get their rubber panties all in a bunch at one of the persons who "built this city" and to whom they owe thier existence here. Beyond that, If I were to get a professional website designer, would this be a personal, free or ad-free site? Du-uh!! and I've got the time. you got the money, honey? Again, referencing my other sites, most of the visitors like the "homebrew" aspect since it bespeaks Real People rather than the slick but shallow treatment of a complex subject by those who really have no depth or stake in the field or who will pretzellate themselves into the most bizarre shapes in order to avoind offending someone. I have a three-gnerations old understanding of the field, I know that there is always someone who will be offended and I have enough of a command of HTML to do the job. RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is a one-person operation that evolved naturally.

"Questionable"? By What Standards? No standards were clearly presented at any place at any time. So this person has the credibility of a Bernie Madoff; really. In "Bad taste"? De gustibus non disputam; How do you argue taste in an area that accepts deliberately soiling oneself (which we do not do)? In fact they allow images, language and subject matter that would not even get in the door here: The aforenamed deliberate self-defacation -- including images and have you ever seen some of what goes with sissy and sissification? At least soft-core porn. Then there are the vulgarities, profanity and obscenities. Granted we are s specialized place and do not claim to be open to all, So what is Diapertimes' excuse and who do they think they are fooling? In terms of being filth free, I will go head to head with them, or anybody, anytime.However they did not even give it any shot, I saw no code of conduct, let alone their best shot and come off as conceited hypocrites. At least that is my reaction.

Beyond all of this, what about Diaper Times as a network? In a word, compared to Daily Diaper and Diaperspace, sub-par. Their gallery appears to just be one collection of members' images. Their blogs look nothing like blogs and we did not see a forum. They use an implementation of the Elogg system which I downloaded. This would be a 2di4 system for a general purpose site like RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME as an add-on in-house "club" if I can figure it out; but for a dedicated network whose owner looks down her nose at others on the basis of professionalism?!? You have got to be teasing my tiara.

To paraphrase Chairman Mao from the answer he gave in the late 1940's as to how he expected to take over China ("You fight your war; I'll fight mine") You run your website; I'll run mine and never the twain shall meet.

As one of the pioneers in the AB site field. I find this kind of thing and the persons who perpatrate it personaly offensive and dishonorable. And as far as "wishing me luck", the attraction of this site was not a matter of luck.

You be the judge.